Owning Your Own Drop Shipping Store (dropshipping with shopify)

Lastly, the third alternative is to create your own eCommerce store. This is the drop shipping model that what I consistently recommend.

So allow me go through some of the numerous benefits as to why I teach this method and why it’s proven to be effective every single time.

Benefit 1: You’re Not Contending with Other Competitors Solely on Price

To begin with, you’re not contending with competitors entirely on the cost of an item. When you operate your own drop shipping business, you own that platform and data. It’s no longer solely about a product’s market value.

Obviously, customers can find your products somewhere else, but when they’re checking out your eCommerce store, they’re not encountering all of your competitors like they do on eBay and Amazon. They’re viewing your store and your store only until they reach a purchase decision.

It doesn’t go the same way for drop shipping on Amazon or eBay.

Benefit 2 : Options for Additional Traffic Sources is Available

When you own and operate your own drop shipping store, you have a lot more traffic sources accessible to you. When you’re drop shipping on eBay or Amazon, they already have their own integrated traffic. Some people see that as a perk to drop shipping on those platforms, but I see it as restricting.

In my point of view, what makes owning your own drop shipping store more effective is having access to certain advertising choices that you just don’t attain with Amazon or eBay.

The first step to start is setting up your online store for free on Shopify, click this link set your shop: https://www.shopify.com/free-trial-for-vip, by following that link you can run a Shopify Store for free for a 14 days period, enough for learning with us all you need to know.

I’m not going to go into much detail about that now, considering that the possibilities with paid traffic is dedicated to a whole another section. Fortunately, it’s something I do address extensively in my Drop Ship Lifestyle coaching program.

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