Drop Shipping on eBay

Let’s discuss why eBay shouldn’t even be an option for drop shipping.

To start with, great suppliers with great brands aren’t going to permit eBay drop shipping.

Whenever you sign a contract and get authorized as a retailer for a new drop ship supplier, 95% of the time it specifies in the contract that you’re prohibited to market the products on auction websites.

Clearly, that includes eBay because it dilutes the market value of a brand.

Good dropship suppliers, the ones you want to work with, are those who truly care about the perceived value of their brand.

Great suppliers are not going to approve people only to have them jump on eBay and start selling their products at ‘auction sale’.

Just consider a well known company like Gucci. They’re not intending to approve a retailer and say: “Okay, yeah. You can sell these genuine Gucci bags on eBay. It’s fine.”

That’s not how it works with any good supplier, regardless of the price point of their products or the rank of their supplier tier. When it involves using eBay for drop shipping, don’t even take it into consideration

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